What is VoIP Termination?

VoIP gsm termination is used to refer to the procedures that are used for routing telephone calls from one provider to the next provider until the call has been routed to the last telephone company and has been received by the recipient. Voice termination is another term that is used for call termination. The telephone […]


What’s a SIM Server for GSM Termination?

A SIM Server solution separate the SIM cards from GSM terminals and allows a total control of the SIM cards and GSM channels for gsm termination business Who offers VoIP SIM Server?   Page Contents Hypermedia Systems SIM Server Rohde & Schwarz Topex SIM Manager SIM Bank with SIM Server SIM Bank/ SIM Sever Hardware: […]


Service for Business

The VoIP Service for Business Today, the communication has reached a significant level. VoIP is the realm of new opportunities where specific cloud in one country and calls can be made in the other. The «cloud» can receive international calls that are charged as local ones. The business is impossible without the contemporary communication. Many […]


Does VoIP Work With DSL?

VoIP Explained Voice-over-Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP or voice-over IP, is the data transmission protocol allowing telephone calls across Internet-connected devices. VoIP services enable you to connect your home phone to a VoIP device or to existing home wiring connected to a VoIP device. Voice-over IP requires an Internet connection, such as DSL, to […]


Voip vs Ip telephony

Difference between VoIP and IPT With decreasing costs for broadband technologies, people have begun using data networks to make and receive voice calls. Two terms associated with this relatively new phenomenon are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Internet Protocol Telephony (IPT or IP telephony). Though many of the differences between the two terms are […]


Ip telephony

Say goodbye to communications complexity Tired of managing multiple vendors and dial plans, complicated phone system protocols, or restrictive network solutions?  Want a business phone system that «just works,» no matter your size, industry or need? IP  business phone systems are designed from the ground up to streamline the work of administrators and end users […]